Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Can Gather On The Internet

Posted by admin at 6 April 2011

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Pen’s fans now have a new place to flock together to discuss team info, roster moves, schedules and much, much more! Anything can be discussed – from our frustration over the length of Sid’s absence to the repetitive nature of Matt Cooke’s suspensions. Speaking of Sid, why has he been out for so long? I know having been concussed is the public answer – but I feel like there is more to it. Could Lemieux be behind it? – trying to make a statement to the NHL and making Crosby the example? And what about the absence of Gino? Granted, there are times when Malkin is out that it seems Crosby plays better – but let’s not forget the year we won the Cup against the mighty Red Wings, it was Malkin who led playoff scorers and won the Conn Smythe for playoff MVP. With all of the injuries the team has had to deal with over the second half of the season, how is it that Cooke was awarded an ‘A’ as opposed to Kris Letang? And Fluery – two weeks ago he took a shot at an open net. It never made it, but do you think he has a chance to put one in before the end of his career? There are an endless amount of topics that can be discussed, so let’s get together and talk some puck! After all, in Pittsburgh, it’s always a “great day for hockey.”

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