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To know Mario Lemieux is to know the Pittsburgh Penguins. For years, Lemieux impressed hockey fans as one of the sport’s best players and most prolific scorers ever to grace the ice. Now, as co-owner of the Penguins, the man continues to dazzle followers with his off-ice activities.After recovering from cancer and returning to the sport he loves in the early ’90s, Lemieux started the Mario Lemieux Foundation with the goal of eradicating cancer through the development of a cure. Lemieux has not betrayed his adopted hometown of Pittsburgh, donating millions to causes within the city’s boundaries including a 2M gift to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.Lemieux has not betrayed the integrity of the Penguins or his sport, either. After a particularly brutal game against the New York Islanders in February, Lemieux questioned the type of sport hockey had become since his playing days. Clearly not positively impressed with the near record-breaking number of penalty minutes accumulated by both teams during the match, Lemieux lamented the loss of hockey in favor of vengeful fighting.As a team, the Penguins reaffirm their commitment to their community regularly by sponsoring charitable events throughout the season. Leading the NHL in penalty minutes, the Penguins, like their owner played and lives, play hockey with a passion. With the injuries suffered by key Penguins this year, Lemieux’s team is simply violently passionate at times.